5N Plus Semiconductors manufactures specialized wafers, for solar, semiconductor and optical applications. We are committed to quality, value & product innovations that enable next generation technology for our strategic partners and customers. We foster a creative, innovative and inspiring environment that we believe is paramount for attracting and retaining top technical talent.

Materials Scientist
PhD in Materials Science or closely related field. Experience in semiconductor wafer manufacturing including crystal growth, wafering, lapping, polishing, and or cleaning is helpful.

Materials Scientist or Chemist
PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Materials Science. Experience with purifying materials. In this role, an ability to increase the purity of germanium metal.

Semiconductor Process Engineer
BS/MS/PhD in engineering with experience in process improvement and control. Green Belt or Black Belt certification helpful.

Project Manager
MS/PhD in Engineering or Science with experience in semiconductor product development. Working with government funded research and contracts a plus. MS Project or contract negotiating experience helpful.

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