Product - Gallium Antimonide (GaSb) Wafers

5N Plus produces epi-ready gallium antimonide (GaSb) wafers for infrared imaging applications. The primary application is for type-II superlattice structures for large area MWIR-VLWIR focal plane array imaging detectors. Wafer products are manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers with the following options/features:
Electrical Resistivity
Dopant (Carrier Type) Carrier Concentration Mobility
Te (n-type) 1-9e17 cm-3 2.04-4.0e3 cm2/V s
Undoped (p-type intrisic) 1-2e17 cm-3 >500 cm2/V s
Other ranges/dopant types available upon request
Wafer Orientation
Standard (100)
Off-Axis Available Per customer spec
Tolerance +/- 0.5°
Flat orientation Per customer spec
Wafer Diameter and Thickness
Diameter Standard Thickness (±50 μm)
50 mm 500 μm
76 mm 625 μm
100 mm 900 μm
125 mm 900 μm
150 mm 900 μm
Custom thickness available, e.g. 400μm - 1000μm
Total Thickness Variation (TTV) < 10 μm
Warp < 10 μm
Bow < 10 μm & > -10
Surface Finish
Front side Polished, epi-ready
Back side Polished
Wafer packaging
Packaged in individual wafer carriers and sealed in a moisture resistant/anti static bag under inert gas.
Click here for PDF version of GaSb Wafer Flyer.pdf

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