Product - Germanium Wafers

5N Plus Semiconductors specializes in manufacturing single crystal germanium (Ge) substrates for a variety of applications in the semiconductor industry, including space-qualified substrates for national security applications.  Wafer products are manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers with the following options/features:
Crystal Quality
Dislocation density 0/cm 2
Electrical Resistivity
Target resistivity Per customer spec
Minimum resistivity at 20 °C 0.001 ohm-cm (p-type Ga doped) 0.01 ohm-cm (n-type Sb doped)
Maximum resistivity at 20 °C 50.0 ohm-cm (p-type Ga doped) 50.0 ohm-cm (n-type Sb doped)
Radial dispersion on a single wafer < 10%
Wafer Orientation
Standard (100)
Off-Axis Available Per customer spec
Tolerance +/- 0.5°
Flat orientation Per customer spec
Wafer Diameter and Thickness
Diameter Standard Thickness TTV
100 mm 140 μm, 175 μm < 10 μm
150 mm 225 μm < 10 μm
Warp < 75 μm
Bow < 25 μm, > -25 μm
Surface Finish
Front side Polished, epi-ready
Back side Diamond ground, polished available
Dielectric coating (optional) 30nm - 200nm (per customer spec)
Mechanical Strength
Average test strength > 3lbf (100 mm dia, 140 μm thick wafers)
Surface Characteristics
Edge chips None
Dimples None
Scratches None
Stains None
Loose particles None
Cracks None
Wafer packaging
Packaged in individual wafer carriers and sealed in a moisture resistant/anti static bag under inert gas.
Contact us with special request. Our technical team will work with you to provide a solution for your application.
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